The Halton Multicultural Council was founded in 1979 by volunteers from a number of cultural groups to provide social programs to the community. HMC strives to do two things:

  • We welcome newcomers and prepare them for life in Canada
  • We prepare our community to welcome immigrant newcomers and refugees

We are a community-based settlement agency that provides a variety of programs and services to immigrant and refugee communities. Our staff of 60 full and part time employees and over 250 volunteers is dedicated to enabling every individual, regardless of race or ethnic origin, to participate as full and active members of the community through fostering mutual respect and understanding of one another. We have offices in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville as well as serving people from many community locations such as libraries and community centres – we offer services to newcomers to help them with their settlement in Canada.

Mission – Vision – Mandate – Core Values


The Halton Multicultural Council (or HMC Connections) helps newcomers settle and integrate into a welcoming and inclusive community.


One Community for All


HMC’s mandate is to enable all individuals, regardless of race or ethnic origin, to participate as full and active members of the community while fostering mutual respect and understanding.  The objectives of the organization are:

  1. To provide services and programs to facilitate and assist the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees to the community.
  2. To develop community education programs to increase the general awareness of the needs of immigrants and refugees and to facilitate cross-cultural communication and understanding.
  3. To create and provide opportunities for members of various ethno-cultural groups/organizations to discuss common interests and to develop cooperative undertaking.
  4. To encourage and promote dialogue and co-operation between members and representatives of service organizations and public officials.
  5. To encourage and facilitate the development of support groups and community organizations for immigrants and refugees when possible and required.
  6. To provide cultural activities and special events designed to foster the representation of cultural heritage and to improve and develop intercultural understanding.

Core Values

  • Fostering mutual respect and understanding of each other.
  • Building awareness and understanding regarding cultural communications and differences.
  • Supporting the community to be inclusive, diverse, supportive and respectful.
  • Empowering newcomers to live work and belong while helping to preserve their own culture and uniqueness.
  • Advocating for newcomers’ rights and services.
  • Establishing strong accountability to all of our stakeholders