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Success in IT by Accenture on May 26
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Success in IT by Accenture May 26, 2021


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  • I, hereby authorize the HMC Connections to exchange & disclose my information internally with HMC programs. I have asked HMC for assistance and give full permission to disclose my personal information (if required) to IRCC & other applicable Service Providers for support, guidance, advocacy, information or referrals.
  • I, the above named volunteer, student, employee, group, participant at the Halton Multicultural Council (HMC), unequivocally consent to the publication (including HMC social media accounts and website), release and transmission of the digital/electronic/print/photographs, to the extent that they may deemed necessary for express use thereof. This release and consent is voluntary. If you don’t wish to participate, there is no obligation on your part.

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