For Ukrainians
fleeing war
living in Halton

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Welcome to Canada – A Guide for Ukrainians New to Canada

  1. Contact your local settlement agency at make an appointment with a Settlement Specialist to understand the programs available to you and your family in Canada. In Halton:
  2. Make a plan for yourself and your family (these are all things a Settlement Specialist can help with) – understand your rights and obligations in Canada and determine what your immediate priorities are. Think about:
      • Housing security – is your current home stable for the next few months – if not what are the options?
      • Immigration documentation – are all your documents correct with the correct codes?  Do you need help making changes?  Errors in your documentation can leave you ineligible for income support and other benefits.
      • Banking – having a Canadian bank account is required to receive government support.
      • Income – what are your income sources, what programs do you need to apply for, do you need a job right away? Do you need transportation to be able to get and keep a job?
      • Food security – do you know where and how to access food before money starts flowing in?
      • School for children – how and where to register and orientation to the school systems
      • Learning English – having your English level assessed, do you want to go to full time school.
      • Connecting to the community – faith groups can be a great way to connect and there are many community social activities that are free for you and your children.
      • Monitor your health and mental health – a lot has happened to you and your family. There are supports for your physical and mental health available – taking care of yourself is of primary importance for you to be able to function in your new environment.
  3. Review your plan – you can’t do everything at once, some things will have to wait. Make sure you review your plan and ask for help if you are unsure or you need more information.