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    Empowering Healthy Relationships: Gender-Based Violence Awareness Workshop

    August 28 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    Empowering South Asian Women: Fostering Communication, Shared Responsibilities, and Respecting Boundaries

    Join us for an impactful workshop dedicated to fostering healthy communication, encouraging shared responsibilities, and promoting the importance of respecting boundaries among South Asian women. Together, we can raise awareness and empower individuals to combat gender-based violence within our community.

    Key Focus Areas:

    • Effective Communication: Explore the role of communication in building healthy relationships and addressing issues related to gender-based violence. Learn valuable communication techniques that empower women to voice their concerns and seek support.
    • Shared Responsibilities: Understand the significance of collective responsibility in preventing gender-based violence. Discover how fostering a culture of shared accountability contributes to safer communities for South Asian women.
    • Respecting Boundaries: Delve into the essential concept of personal boundaries and their role in maintaining respectful interactions. Gain insights into setting, communicating, and honoring boundaries to ensure safer and more supportive environments.

    Event Details:

    • Presenter: Asma Khan- Malton Women  Council
    • Date:  Monday, August 28th, 2023
    • Time: 12:00 PM
    • Location:  HMC Milton office at 55 Ontario South # A3, Milton, ON, L9T 2M3

    Let’s work together to create a community where healthy communication, shared responsibilities, and respectful boundaries are at the forefront. Your participation can make a significant impact in our collective journey toward a violence-free future for South Asian women.

    Kindly contact Bushra Faisal for more information at bfaisal@nullhmcconnections.com or at call at 905-464-5778

    Registration for this event is over. For more such events, please watch for this space.

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