Let us assist you with your translation and interpretation needs.

Email hmcit@nullhmcconnections.com for information or a quote.

HMC offers:

  • Translation written documents including passports, public notices, contracts, letters, etc both to and from the language of origin in either English or French.
  • Interpretation – in person or through video conferencing. Direct interpretation
  • Cultural broker – interpretation plus an explanation of the cultural context if and as relevant to the situation. Schools have been very successful in using cultural brokers to help in interpretation between parents and teachers.
  • Training to become a certified Interpreter – become a certified interpreter and open yourself to an amazing new field of work. Email us for details.

Translation, Interpretation and Cultural Brokers

HMC Connections provides full translation and interpretation at reasonable prices for a wide range of applications. We hire both ATIO Certified and Official translators and interpreters who can translate documents such as, passport stamps, birth certificate, marriage certificates, identification cards or other legal documents. This fee for service is offered to all individuals and service providers.

We can also provide translation for special projects such as brochures, flyers, presentations, video transcribing and more. We are experts on fitting and formatting languages to be consistent with the original layout and design.

If you need interpretation, our interpreters are also fully certified and we speak more than 130 languages.   If cultural context is important to your interpretation then consider asking for a cultural broker who will help give cultural context to your conversation instead of only the direct translation.  Cultural brokers are trained to help explain the context if culture and relationships are important to your conversation.

To see our list of available languages click here… if you don’t see your language we can probably find it for you – just ask us.

For information on translation services or to get a quote, please contact:
Connections Dispatcher
905-842-2486 ext 256

Do you want to work as an Interpreter?
CILISAT/Core Interpreting Training

HMC Connections offers the CILISAT certification and an online Core Interpreting Training Course (100 hours of class time).

CILISAT is a language and interpretation skills assessment test that certifies you in Ontario as an interpreter and will be required to take most interpretation courses. We are authorized to administer the CILISAT test; the test is run by appointment at our office in 1092 Speers Road, Oakville as well as online. You must attend an orientation session before you can book your CILISAT test.

The Core Interpreting Training Course is an online course that includes:

  • Introduction to Community Interpreting
  • The Community Interpreter’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • The Roles, Boundaries and Essential Practices of the Community Interpreter
  • Theory of Interpreting and Memory Development
  • Culture Bridging Skills
  • Communication Skills and Interpreting
  • Sight Translating and Note-Taking
  • Managing the Interpretation

The course gives you 24 hour access online to the Community Interpreter workbook for a period of four months (120 days), which represents approximately 70 hours of study time. At the end of the training, you are eligible to write the Community Interpreter Certification Exam in order to obtain your Certificate of Interpretation.

For more information on CILISAT or training, please contact:
Connections Dispatcher
905-842-2486 ext. 227