Labour Market AccessEmployment Supports assists Newcomers to Canada to find employment commensurate with their skills and education. A range of activities are available to provide information, and help Newcomers develop skills, make informed decisions and foster connections that they need to seek employment or pursue career pathways.

These activities include:

  • Assessment, Information and Referral Services
  • Job Search Workshops
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Critique
  • Job Fairs
  • Networking Events
  • Information Sessions on Employment Topics
Job Search Workshop (JSW)

The Job Search Workshops (JSW) program offers pre-employment training to newcomers and assists them in gaining knowledge and skills to better understand strategies, business perspectives, and next steps relating to the job search process.

JSW Offers You:

  • Thorough needs assessment by trained assessors
  • Pre-employment workshops conducted in a computerized environment
  • Specialists who understand the job search needs of newcomers
  • Personalized action plans
  • A supportive environment in which to learn about job search strategies and Canadian business perspectives
  • 1-on-1 job search coaching

Program Locations and Times:

Employment Supports activities are available at all HMC locations

Sessions are delivered during the day Monday to Friday, as well as in the evenings and Saturdays.


Employment Supports participants must be landed immigrants, convention refugees, live-in caregivers, or persons to whom Canada intends to grant permanent residence. Canadian citizens are not eligible. Participants should be able to communicate in the English language.

To learn more about Job Search Workshop please contact us:

employment@nullhmcconnections.com | (905) 842 – 2486 | (905) 864 – 6565| (905) 257 -1555

Resume Critiques (By Appointment)

Have a resume but want it reviewed by one of our Employment Support Specialists? We will determine an appropriate format, eliminate nonessential information, and recommend additions to help you rewrite your self-marketing tool.


This session consists of a 20-minute one-on-one consultation with an employment specialist to review a resume or cover letter, receive tips in how to make it more effective to attain tangible results. Clients receive help on editing and proofreading, document formatting and election of the most appropriate document style.


Clients shall bring a paper copy of their resume and/or cover letter.


Current or past job descriptions, job postings, list of education and training experience, employment history, copy of awards, certificates and acknowledgements

Resume review sessions are free and pre-registration is required as appointment fill up quickly.

Contact us to book a 20-minute resume critique session.

employment@nullhmcconnections.com | (905) 842 -2486 Ext.247, 250, 252 or 285

Mock (Practice) Interview Session (By Appointment)

Get an opportunity to practice your interview skills and get helpful feedback!

Learn how to present yourself positively and answer common interview questions. Understand what to do prior, during, and after the interview to be successful.

Meet the Employment Support Specialist to practice interviews and receive useful, constructive feedback. Learn how to prepare for behavioral-based interview responses and improve non-verbal cues.

The Mock Interview session allows you to hone your interviewing skills while developing confidence in your ability to deliver strong interview performances.

Mock interviews are conducted by trained Employment staff and tailored to your individual occupational area, or industry.

Session Highlights:

  • Clients will be asked a series of interview questions which are well-suited to their occupational goal and English language level
  • Guidance and feedback will be provided based on performance
  • Sessions will be between 30 and 45 minutes long
  • Help you practice the types of questions that may be asked in a job interview
  • Help you understand what employers expect and how to present yourself confidently and professionally

To be eligible for the Practice Interview Session you must:

  • Be looking for a job or a position in your field
  • Be an immigrant Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or International Graduate
  • Register as a HMC client
  • Register with an Employment Specialist at HMC
  • Complete one of the Job Search Strategies workshops

Mock Interview sessions are free and pre-registration is required as appointment fill up quickly.

Please contact us to book your practice interview session.

employment@nullhmcconnections.com | (905) 842 -2486 Ext.247, 250, 252 or 285

If you are a Health Care professional, please visit the  Career Accelerator Program for International Medical Graduates for Specialized services.