Thank you for showing your interest in helping to settle refugee families in Halton.

There has been a wonderful community response to helping the families who have been forced to leave their homes due to war and conflict.   Hundreds of people in Halton are directly involved in sponsoring or preparing to sponsor a refugee family, and there are already many refugee families involved in the schools, in language classes, and starting to prepare for jobs.   Halton can be very proud of our response to helping people feel welcome and get settled.


There are four primary ways Canadians can help the Syrian refugees

  1. Sponsor a family
  2. Donate to an agency or group sponsoring a family OR donate your time by volunteering
  3. Donate to an agency providing humanitarian aid in the camps, or
  4. Political advocacy with your local federal representatives (MPs)


Many faith groups and other groups have formed and are still forming to sponsor refugee families

Please email us at if you wish to be put in touch with a sponsoring group and let us know what you would like to contribute.  Most groups forming will need money as the sponsor must support the family for the first year so if you are not prepared to donate you should be willing to fundraise to meet those financial commitments.


Resources for Refugee Families

Thank you to the support of the Region of Halton, HMC Connections has just launched the Transitional Housing for Syrian Refugee Resettlement (THSRR) program which will support refugees resettled in Halton as a result of the current Syrian crisis.  Participants will be eligible for a monthly housing subsidy of up to $800 per month and be required to commit to an intensive settlement plan that will help them integrate quickly into their community.   Applications are due no later than 4pm April 30, 2016 – please see this link for a copy of the package.  2016 THSRR Background-V2


Volunteer Opportunities with HMC Connections

HMC is committed to providing support to newly arrived refugees. In order to fulfill our commitment HMC is looking to expand our team of trained volunteers to assist newly arrived refugees with their settlement and integration.  In particular, we need volunteers with Arabic language abilities that can assist with interpretation, translations and can be trained to support life skills training and community navigation.

We welcome anyone interested in volunteering to contact us to become part of a team of hard working, compassionate individuals that are committed to giving back to their communities every day.  Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Mentoring through conversational English
  • Providing translation and interpretation in languages such as: Arabic, French, Kurdish, Turkish, Persian/Farsi, Swahili, Somali, and other languages
  • Providing tours and orientation to Halton
  • Providing additional support to HMC services and programs
  • Offering friendship and support to refugee newcomers
  • Organizing, in partnership with other like-minded organizations, special events for newcomers and volunteers
  • Participating in fund-raising and awareness events
  • Training youth to become a support network and to help mentor newly arrived newcomer youth

We as all volunteers to go through an initial orientation to HMC.  If you are interested in volunteering your time, please email us at or call Mira at (905)842-2486 Ext 230.


Interested in sponsoring a refugee family or helping with a donation? useful links

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested.


Clothing/Household/Furniture Donations

HMC Connections supports refugee families with settlement services and works with people who have already arrived in Canada.   HMC can take donations that will help to support refugees in Halton with living expenses and household items.  100% of these funds will be dedicated to help refugees in Halton. Donate Here

We greatly appreciate the community’s response but unfortunately HMC cannot take donated items due to lack of storage space. If you are looking to donate items such as clothing, shoes, linen, blankets etc. please contact the following organizations.

Compassion Society Burlington – 484 Plains Road E. Burlington – (905) 592-3722 (Due to the volume of donations, Please call ahead to confirm storage space is not at capacity before dropping off donations)

Safety Net Oakville – 226 Randall Street Oakville – (905) 845-7233 –