Job Coaching for Refugees and Newcomers with Language Barriers

This program will assist refugees and newcomers in general with lower language skills (level 0 to 4) who are looking to obtain employment commensurate to their skills and education.Mainly focusing on addressing the employment and language acquisition priorities and on assisting newcomers struggling with language acquisition to improve their language skills through work, workshops and practical learning activities.  As a result enabling the clients in their integration process and helping them succeed in Canada.

The primary objective is to provide an alternate language learning program that will aim to use places of employment or voluntary work placement as a practical and effective approach to increase language skills.

The overall objective of the program is to facilitate the integration of the refugees and newcomers into the labour market through:

  • Individual needs assessment
  • One-on-one pre-employment support
  • Workplace orientation and cross-cultural communications training
  • Hands-on activities related to resume writing, job interview practice, and professional networking
  • Follow-up activities to ensure a successful outcome for each individual

A range of activities is available to provide information and help newcomers develop skills, make informed decisions and foster connections that they need to seek employment or pursue career pathways.

Active Language Learning

By Identifying the gap and lack of services for a specific population this program, with the support of IRCC, is focused on providing language support for refugees and permanent residents who are struggling with the learning or cannot attend regular LINC classes with the Canadian Language benchmark 0-4.

With the support of an English coach, the participants will have an opportunity to enhance language skills through activities different than those offered in a regular classroom environment empowering them to improve their living conditions.

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Job Coaching and market prep by appointment only

For more information and to register contact | 905-842-2486 ext:296 / 295