We can customize our training to your needs and sector.

HMC Connections offers customized training packages that will suit your budget, time and help you to meet your training objectives. We can offer our courses at your office. Our trainers are certified facilitators have years of experience in delivering Cultural Competency training. Please call or email us to discuss your needs. Below are examples of modules that we offer for training.

If it is important for your business to reach out to newcomers we can help you that too.  You can view the work we have done with the Ministry of Transportation and the Safety Drives to help newcomers learn about driving safety in Canada https://www.safetydrivesus.org/. We have also work with local fire departments to get safety messages to targeted to newcomer families.  And you may be interested in the resources on our anti-racism page https://hmc-antiracism-movement.com/.

Cultural Competence

For Front Line Workers & Managers – learn to work more effectively in a multi-cultural workplace. Understand how other cultures can differ in their communication styles and even in their life goals and priorities. Increase your understanding of how your own personal cultural identity affects your work within your team.


The journey to cultural competence must begin with self-awareness. This highly interactive workshop contains group exercises that will help your staff better understand the lens they see the world through and to understand the effect that lens may have on their dealings with people from other cultures.

Social Location and Impact

What is “Social Location” and how can it impact a person’s life and social interaction? In a series of facilitated exercises, participants will walk through activities related to understanding their own social location and challenge their thinking on what that might mean for others.

Best Practices, Case Studies
& Facilitated Discussion

Group activities and discussions focussed on case studies using a menu of promising practices specific to an identified field of work (social, healthcare, mental health, policing, schools… etc).

Moving towards Cultural
Diversity Workplace

Why is cultural awareness important? How is diversity changing our community? This module will provide information about diversity in Halton and gives some simple but powerful pointers on what you can do to move your organization towards becoming diversity ready and more inclusive in your practices.

Steps to Immigration & Changes

Canada is the land of opportunities for many immigrants. Canada receives the estimate of 280,000 immigrants every year. Learn more about the processes and categories within immigration. Discuss how the rapid immigration reforms may affect the services you provide.

Halton’s Changing Demographics

The demographics in Halton are changing rapidly and social service providers can no longer rely on the data from the census to be effective in helping to facilitate planning. Can you use settlement data to plan for change and ensure everyone has fair and equitable access to service?

How to Work with
Language Interpreters

Language interpretation is a complex process – imagine trying to translate the meaning of “diabetes” into a language that has no equivalent. Participants will learn about the interpretation process, the role of language interpreters, how to prepare to work with an interpreter, different types of interpretations, the different credentials and types of interpreters. An interpreter will be available to answer questions and give real world examples of the “do’s and don’ts” of interpretation.

Effective Intercultural

Intercultural Communication can be more complex than we realize! Learn six skills that will enhance your ability to effectively communicate with someone from another culture.

Understand Cultural Influence
from the Ambassadors

Increase your knowledge of specific cultures. HMC’s cultural ambassadors have created fascinating presentations on the traditions, beliefs, and social norms of various cultures. This session may be customized to focus on one culture, or we can create and interactive display and discussion panel to answer questions.

For More Information Please Contact:

Hanadi Al Masri
Director of Social Innovation