Let us assist you with finding a job.

Our Employment team will support you to understand the Canadian work place and be effective in your job search. You will begin by meeting with an Employment Specialist who will help you create a special plan of action for your goals, needs, and situation. Your Employment Specialist will provide ongoing employment counselling and coaching, and recommend programs and services which will be most helpful to you. We will support you until you successfully enter the workforce.

We can help you:

  • Identify strengths and skills that support successful work search
  • List technical, soft and transferable skills
  • Connect your skills, interests, and values to career choices, and labour market needs
  • Set smart career/employment goals
  • Develop career action plans
  • Find potential employers and potential employment opportunities
  • Prepare resumes and cover letters
  • Tailor your resume and cover letters to fit specific job opportunities
  • Develop job interview skills and self-confidence
  • Understand Canadian workplace culture, assertiveness, conflict resolution, workplace expectations and employment standards
  • Find and use additional employment related resources, tools and methods to support job search

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Most of our workshops are offered on a monthly basis, see our calendar of events for more info.

Resume Writing
Your resume is a key building block in preparing for employment and launching a successful job search. Learn how to develop a career-focused resume that will help you advance your employment and career goals.

Preparing your Cover Letter and Reference List
In this workshop, you will learn how to write compelling cover letters that clearly articulate why you are the right person for the job. This workshop will clear your confusion and help you know what to focus on in your cover letter.

Interview preparation
Job interviews can make even the most prepared candidates uncomfortable. What are the different types of interviews, and how do you prepare accordingly? What are some typical interview questions, and how do you respond appropriately? How should you follow up after a job interview? Attend this workshop to answers all of these questions.

How to Handle Common Interview Questions
Securing an interview is tough, so being prepared and leaving a great first and last impression is essential. In this workshop, you will learn how to answer challenging interview questions, gain frameworks to structure your response during the interview, and develop tools and techniques to prepare for and follow up after the interview. We will cover common questions asked by employers, why they ask them, what they are really looking for and how to develop answers.

Canadian Workplace Culture
What is it like to work in a Canadian Workplace? In this workshop, Employment Specialists will help you navigate what Canadian employers and co-workers expect from you at work, and what you can expect when you start your first job in Canada.

Networking for Success
Building and expanding a network of established Islanders, especially business owners, is crucial for newcomers who are job searching. In this workshop you will learn about networking opportunities in your field, how to introduce yourself, and tips for successful networking.  If you are a newcomer you have to go out and meet people. The more people you know the better.

Job Fair Preparation
Job fairs are an excellent way to meet a large number of potential employers at one time. Attending them is useful because it gives you an opportunity to network, pass out your resume, and improve your communication and interview skills.

This workshop prepares you to become successful in marketing your qualifications and skills at a job fair. Learn what to take with you, how to target potential employers, how to prepare a winning 30-second introduction, and how to follow up with employers.

Occupational Research
In this workshop participants develop a clearer picture of their career options. Participants are shown how and where to look for information about the industries and jobs that are in high-demand in their area. Newcomers will benefit from information and guidance about education and training programs to help make them competitive job candidates.

Goal Setting
Do you know how to set goals for yourself? This workshop will take you through a process to develop your own structured goals that will help you achieve your objectives, and ultimately lead to your success.

Video Interviews
Join us for a Virtual/Video Interviewing Workshop to learn how to prepare and ace these types of interviews! A Specialist will offer tips and best practices for virtual/video interviews, including real-time interviews (e.g. via Zoom) and interviews where candidates record their answers to computer-generated questions. There will then be an opportunity for presenters to answer questions about what sets candidates apart in the process.

Job Coaching for People with low English Literacy

This program will assist people with lower levels of English (level 0 to 4) who are looking to obtain employment. We focus on increasing language skills through the employment environment and support learning English through workshops and practical learning activities. Employment offers people increased economic opportunities and a chance to socialize in an English speaking environment. This alternate language learning program aims to use places of employment or voluntary work as a practical and effective approach to increase language skills.

The overall objective of the program is to facilitate the integration of the people with low English literacy into the labor market through:

  • Individual needs assessment
  • One-on-one pre-employment support
  • Workplace orientation and cross-cultural communications training
  • Hands-on activities related to resume writing, job interview practice, and professional networking
  • Follow-up activities to ensure a successful outcome for each individual

This program has been built for people who need to work and for those who have not been successful learning English in the classroom. The classroom does not suit some learning styles.

With the support of an English coach, the participants will have an opportunity to enhance language skills through activities different than those offered in a regular classroom environment empowering them to improve their living conditions.

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