About the Podcast

HMC connections in association with CJRU 1280AM Radio at Ryerson University Radio Station CJRU volunteer and HMC settlement specialist Leila Takei walks listeners through the services that are available through the HMC Connections.

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Episode 1 – An overview of the HMC services

Episode 2 – The perspectives of HMC Staff

Episode 3 – The perspective of a student, a volunteer, and a beneficiary


The Intent of the Podcast

The idea behind this podcast is to bring the services through a different lens, and different perspectives (staff, student, volunteer, and client) strengthening the idea of community.

One Community for All

To create a warm welcome environment for those who are still looking for support or opportunity and the idea of belonging for those who are already part of this “family”. Not only focusing on newcomers to Canada but also on people who wish to be part of the supporters’ team.

CJRU is the radio station for Ryerson University, now named Toronto Metropolitan University.

Leila the podcast host and HMC employee is a volunteer at CJRU, bringing the “Pausing for Self-Care” segment every week on the radio station. She used to host the Morning Mixtape News on Friday mornings.